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TV Recap : Gotham 1x03 and HTGAWM 1x03

Another TV Recap! Actually, the pilot episode of The Flash was also aired (officially) earlier this week. But since I've watched and made a review of it already, I won't do recaps for that show until the second episode airs next week. For now, here are my thoughts on the latest episodes of Gotham and HTGAWM. I'm kind of busy this week so I haven't seen Reign 2x02 and post this a little bit late. If you don't want spoilers, please stop reading.

Top : Annalise and her lawyer gang in HTGAWM 1x03
Bottom : James and Selina in Gotham 1x03


PLOT : Long before Batman, there is a vigilante in Gotham called The Balloonman. This mysterious man targets corrupt people. He ties his victims to weather balloons and lets them fly with the balloons until the balloons pop and they fall to their deaths. James, who investigates the case with his partner Bullock, feels a bit emotional about the vigilante case. He feels like the emergence of the vigilante is his fault; because he and his co-workers at the GCPD suck at doing their jobs. Meanwhile, Maroni, Falcone's competitor, makes his debut, first hints of Batman emerge and the Penguin returns to Gotham.


1. The first hints of Batman. In his big house, Bruce follows the coverage of The Balloonman and his victims. When the vigilante gets caught, Alfred sarcastically states that now the criminals of the city can sleep well because the man who targets them has been jailed. Then Bruce comments that the vigilante can be considered as a criminal too because he kills people. And then the news reporter on Bruce's TV asks a rhetorical question, "Now that The Balloonman is gone, who will defend the people of Gotham?" I smiled when I saw the scene. Bruce's comment captures the idealism that the future Batman always holds on to; that a real hero doesn't kill the bad guys but saves and helps people instead. I always love that message that Batman carries in his actions. And who will defend the people of Gotham? I bet that question lingers in young Bruce's mind every night until he decides to put on his bat mask and be that person.

2. Ben McKenzie's and Erin Richards's performances. I really enjoyed watching these two as James and Barbara here! In this episode, Barbara and James try to comfort each other without realizing that they do the opposite to each other. Barbara convinces James that he's a hero because he caught the killer of the Waynes when he was doing his very first assignment as a detective, which slaps James in the face because the man that he caught was not even related to the murder of the Waynes. On another occasion, James asks Barbara if she thinks he is capable of killing someone in the name of justice, which troubles Barbara because it reminds her of Montoya's accusations. They're not honest to each other, and everyone knows that it could damage any relationship. I'm eager to see how things go for this couple. And, by the way, they look cute together (haha).

3. The Penguin's surprise for James. He shows up at Barbara's apartment at the end! How does he find her apartment? Why does he come to see James? Is he going to kill James for ditching him? Or is he going to thank James for not killing him? Or is he going to ask James to work with him? Soooo many questions and I want answers!

THE BAD : Fish Mooney. I thought Mooney is going to be a badass villain, but so far I've been let down. I get bored of watching her glare and say devilish things. It kind of reminds me of the silly villains in Indonesian TV shows aka sinetron. And she seems very careless when doing her moves to take Falcone down. What makes her think that he won't find out about her plans? I mean, look at Falcone's face when he tells her about the accident that happens to his new girl. He definitely knows that Mooney is the one who makes it happen.

GOOD OR BAD? : Renee Montoya. I don't know if I realize this too late, but it seems that Montoya and Barbara used to be dating. So that's why she keeps warning Barbara that James "is not a good guy" and that Barbara "deserves better". It'll be pretty interesting to see how this goes, but it also makes Montoya very... lame. Is this why she's so eager to find the truth behind the Waynes's murder? Because she wants to use it to crush James so that she could win Barbara back? That's so uncool, Montoya, so uncool. I thought she was better than that.

FAVORITE QUOTE : "He killed people. That made him a criminal too." -Bruce Wayne

Rating : 3,5/5


PLOT : Annalise and the gang defend a woman who is accused to be involved in a bombing years before. The woman is involved in the bombing; she fakes her identity, pretends to be someone else and marries an ordinary guy who knows nothing about her true identity. Annalise doesn't win the case because the client herself runs away, but we all learn how unexpected people can be, even those who are close to us. Meanwhile, Nate secretly tries to find information about Sam's whereabouts on the day when Lila Stangard, the victim of one of the mysterious murders, was killed. He finds that Sam doesn't have an alibi, but lies about it to Annalise (This is NOT gonna be good). Wes also tries to find the truth about the murder, now that Rebecca is arrested as a suspect. His speech about Rebecca to Annalise convinces the professor to defend Rebecca. But at the end of the episode, Rebecca confesses to the entire murder. OMG this is so complicated and confusing, isn't it?

THE GOOD : This episode is so intense for me! The story and the characters become even more complicated here, and I've told you, I love complicated! Here are the complicated things that I like.

1. The dynamic between Wes and Annalise. I love the scene in this episode where Annalise comes to pick Wes up at the police station. His speech about defending people who need help and give them fair trials changes the expression on Annalise's face. It seems to me like Wes reminds her what her job truly is: to defend people who need help. It's like Wes is the anchor that keeps the humanity in her. I really enjoyed watching them here. Great job, Viola Davis and Alfred Enoch!

2. Michaela/Aiden/Connor love triangle. Connor once had a one night stand with Aiden aka Michaela's fiancee! Michaela is so not happy about this and Connor seems to enjoy destroying Michaela and Aiden's relationship. I'd love to slap Michaela's and Connor's faces because they both are jerks but I enjoy watching them sooo much. And this complication in their relationship makes it more fun to watch.  

3. Asher Millstone. He's just so funny. I wonder why he doesn't join Wes, Laurel, Connor and Michaela when they're busy getting rid of the dead body in the "3 months later" part, though.

THE BAD : Only one thing: the weekly case that Annalise and the gang handle. I start to feel like those weekly cases don't play any significant role in the story; like those cases are not important. I think it would be better if they could relate the weekly cases with the main plot, like in Gotham.

FAVORITE QUOTE : "Choose your husband carefully, Miss Pratt. You only have yourself to blame if it ends badly." -Annalise Keating

Rating : 4/5

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