Friday, March 11, 2016

Hopelessly Devoted to Grease: Live

I can't sing, I can't dance, I can't even read notes, but I LOVE watching musicals. Musicals are always fun to watch and they never fail to make me smile and feel happier. However, we don't find musical films and TV shows everyday because the number of them is quite limited. So, when I heard that they're making a live, televised show of the super popular musical film Grease, I became really, really excited.

I have never seen the original movie which features John Travolta and Olivia Newton John because I am too young. I wasn't even born when the movie came out. But I know that it is legendary. I know that it is one of the most beloved musical film of all time. So, yeah, I was really excited to finally see it. 

I saw it a few days ago and I was not disappointed because it is awesome!

Grease: Live was aired on Fox on January 31st 2016. It is a 3-hour live show starring Broadway star Aaron Tveit as Danny Zuko, Dancing with the Stars's Julianne Hough as Sandy Young, High School Musical's leading lady Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo, etc. As you may have known, the story centers on two teenagers, Danny and Sandy, who meet at the beach during the summer break. After their short, summer romance ends, they surprisingly meet again at school. But instead of rekindling their summer love, things get hard because there are many obstacles and differences that get in the way.

My favorite thing about this production is probably the cast. The cast members are all so talented. I truly love Aaron Tveit's Broadway voice; his voice is the kind that makes me wish that I could sing well too haha. Vanessa Hudgens's acting amazes me. She really transforms herself into the character! When you see her as Rizzo here, you wouldn't even remember that she is also Gabriella Montez, the Sandy of High School Musical. Her voice has become different as well. Back in her days as Gabriella, she still had her teenager voice haha. But when she sings Rizzo's solo song, There are Worse Things I Could Do, she sounds like a Broadway star. I am very impressed.

Two performances that I surprisingly love come from singer Carly Rae Jepsen and teen star Jordan Fisher. I really love Carly's character Frenchy. Frenchy is really cute and sweet but she also shows feminism in her personality. As for Jordan, who wouldn't fall in love with that young man after seeing him sing Those Magic Changes with his guitar?

Even though Julianne Hough's performance is not my favorite one, I feel really related to her character, Sandy. Like Sandy, people around me like to describe me as "the good girl". Well, I don't know whether it's true or not because I can't judge myself, but I actually never try to be a good girl. The way I behave is just the way I like to do things; that's just how I am. I can see that Sandy is like that too. So, yeah, I am definitely Sandy.

Before I saw Grease: Live, I didn't know any Grease songs. But now I just can't stop singing Hopelessly Devoted to You, Summer Nights, Greased Lightning, There are Worse Things I Could Do, and Those Magic Changes in my head. I even downloaded and saved the songs on my phone. The songs are really fun and catchy and relatable. I love them. The costumes look really fun too. 

Sooo Grease: Live is totally recommended. It is awesome in a really fun way. Life has been hard for me these days but, after seeing this musical, things seem a little brighter for me hahaha. So go and see Grease: Live!

Rating : 4,5/5

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